The company Cormano  Winery was founded in 1965. It is

situated in the extreme south of Switzerland on the border with Italy, close to Piedmont and Lombardy regions and at the same geographical latitude as France, two of the most important  wine producing countries in the world.

Over the years, we have created an excellent reputation in the wine world.

Tradition, creativity and innovation are our foundation.

We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of our production and business operation.

Cormano Winery's mission is to build long-lasting relationships with customers and provide them with excellent services in the pursuit of a common business goal.

Patrizia and Giuliano Cormano, the owners
“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with wine.” 

- Linda Grayson -



The uniqueness of our wines comes from territory, microclimate, grape varieties, terroir, culture and gastronomy.
Our constant pursuit of excellence and our passion allow us to produce labels of great finesse, elegance and class.

Our wines are conceived with this pursuit and passion.




60 years of history

In the village of Morbio Inferiore, the hilly terrain and immediate proximity to the mountains and lakes create a microclimate that contributes to making our wines truly special.

The constant breeze, cool nights and warm days are the ideal climatic conditions for the right growth of the vine.

The special formation of our soil, gravelly-stony, makes it extremely mineral rich. It is this incredible terroir that, also thanks to the craftsmanship, gives our wines their unique characteristics.

Our goal is to create wines of the highest quality, which are future-ready but are also consistent with those rituals and historical processes that have attracted humans to wine for tens of centuries.

The impeccable quality we seek can only be the result of great care , hard work and a great love for the detail that each of us puts into our work.

The cultiveted hills of the vineyards are ideal for the production of typical Bordeaux varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.