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one barrique 225 L.


TRAGUARDO represents the maximum expression of Giuliano Cormano's style.

Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes are obtained from our best vineyards. 


Each TRAGUARDO vintage blend is the result of Giuliano Cormano intuition and inspiration and not a mechanical and technical-oenological work.



Thanks to the thermal conditions, budding was early. The cold temperatures of May then slowed down the vegetative development of the vine. This moved the start of the harvest to the end of September. Flowering lasted a long time but the fruit set rate was very good. The scarce rainfall in June and July did not preclude the development of the grapes. In our vineyards the productivity was qualitatively very good and quantitatively abundant and we were able to find an excellent phytosanitary state. After a fairly dry and hot July, there were some important rainfalls in August, followed by a drier September with very hot, sunny and windy days, which allowed, quite slowly, to reach an optimal ripening of the grapes.

Characteristics: notes of black cherry, violet, cassis and blackberry embellished with more enigmatic hints of eucalyptus followed by a more austere character of dark cocoa powder and cardamom.

On the palate well outlined tannins of great silkiness and compact and nice acidity that gives balance, length and smoothness.


An inebriating wine for its taste-olfactory complexity.

Refined, playful and vertical: with an interesting iodized sapidity and inexhaustible persistence in which the varietal characteristics of the two Cabernets resurface as undisputed protagonists in their eloquence.

Production: one barrique


Grapes: Cabernet Franc , Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot 

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